Hand made Flutes, Fifes, and Rope Tension Drums from Northern Ireland


Welcome to

The Fife and Drum Shop


 Fifes, Flutes and Drums 

Hand Crafted by Davy Angus in his workshop in

  Donaghadee, Co Down, N Ireland.


All our instruments are hand made in our workshop in Donaghadee

Fifes and Flutes made in any Key . They can be made in 1,2 and 3 piece  from a large selection of woods

We also make Aluminium  Fifes and Flutes in any Key

Rope tension Drums for Re-enactment or Drum Corps made to order

Buy direct in our store, or you can get instruments custom made to you requirements

We supply to Re-enacment groups, Schools, Corps of Drums, Lambeg Clubs, Traditional and Folk Musicians etc


For more information / enquiries .

Contact  Davy  07828720838. 

Email  david.angus2@btinternet.com


All instruments on this site are usually in stock.

However some instruments may have a waiting time due to stock movement/sales