G Fifes

G Fifes

G Fifes


G Fifes

Good for Folk and Traditional Music,Re-enactment, Corps of Drums

Made in a variety of woods.

Renaissance Style, Military Style, 1 pce & 2pce.

Can be custom-made to order to your requirements

Approx 19" or 480mm in length


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G Fife English Yew. Tuning Slide







Email david.angus2@btinternet.com to place order


G Fife Aluminium





G Fife Aluminium 2 piece with Lip Plate



G Fife Aluminium 2 piece



G Fife Cherry




G Fife from Oak



G Fife Maple

Renaissance Style



G Fife Sapele

(brass ferrules)




G Fife Renaissance Style Sapele



G Folk Flute 2pc PVC


Inexpensive Flute

Made from Pvc

Easy to play

Great tone

in Tune


2pc with O-ring seals on Joint

Great for Back-Packing / Travelling


Hand made by myself in Donaghadee Co Down N Ireland